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A great way to save lots of money on your electric bill each year is to install solar PV panels. Solar panels use energy from the sun to power your home. This renewable energy resource will reduce your electric expenses and also help to save the environment. Solar panels require a moderate one time investment; however, they usually pay for themselves in five years or less. Due to their increase in popularity, installation expenses have decreased by almost 40% in the past few years and the government provides handsome subsidies for approved projects.

As a professional solar photovoltaic system supplier, we can offer grid connected solar PV systems, off grid solar PV systems, solar lighting projects, rooftop solar PV systems, building integrated PV systems, etc. We utilize high quality solar modules, inverters, controllers and storage batteries in the building of solar photovoltaic systems and all our solar photovoltaic systems are designed in consideration of environmental requirement, load requirement, network access way, and other factors.

PV Systems

Grid Connected PV System( Grid interactive system)

Grid connected solar photovoltaic system is a kind of electrical power generating system that can convert solar radiant energy to electric energy via solar photovoltaic modules. This grid interactive solar PV system is connected with public power system. Our grid connected solar photovoltaic system is mainly made up of photovoltaic array and smart, grid interactive inverter, etc.

Off Grid system

Homes powered by these systems may or may not be connected to the utility grid at all. This system has a dedicated load to cater with. The systems have PV panels for generation of power, and batteries to store power, to provide the electricity when the Sun is not shining. In some cases fossil fuel powered generators are used to supplement the solar power. These systems can range greatly in size, complexity and price.

Areas of Application

Photovoltaic modules convert Sunlight’s photons to generate direct current (DC) electricity which is converted to alternating current (AC), which is then wired into your main service panel where it feeds your internal power system.

We offer Solar Telecom Power Solution for existing Sites and New Remote Sites where grid or DG sets are unavailable / unattainable / unreliable. This solution is widely appreciated in rural areas. It also saves precious fuel like diesel.

Adopting sunlight as energy, solar lighting system charges in the daytime and gives light in the night. Without the need for electrical installation, manual operation or maintenance, solar street lighting systems can work reliably. Solar lighting systems are energy saving and environmentally friendly. Besides, the light layout can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Houses, street lightening and lighting for open/protected areas like forest.