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Solar Energy

Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar energy technologies include solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity and solar architecture, which can make considerable contributions to solving some of the most urgent problems the world now faces.

Parabolic Trough

Concentrating Solar Power – Parabolic Trough System

We thrive to offer innovative solutions and make sure that the use of alternate energy sources is not limited to applications like water heating for domestic usages but also addresses the burdensome requirements of industries. Some of the solutions that we have offered to the industries with flair are solar energy based steam generation, oil heating and solar AC.

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Solar Water Heater

A Solar Water Heater is a device which provides hot water for residential, commercial & industrial purpose using solar energy. It is generally installed at the terrace or where sunlight is available and heats water during day time which is stored in an insulated storage tank for use when required.

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Photovoltaic Solar

A great way to save lots of money on your electric bill each year is to install solar panels. Solar panels use energy from the sun to power your home. This renewable energy resource will eliminate your electric expenses and also help the environment. Solar panel requires a moderate one time investment; however, they usually pay for themselves in five years or less. Due to their increase in popularity, installation expenses have decreased by 30% in the past few years and the Government provides handsome subsidies for approved projects.

As a professional solar photovoltaic system supplier, we can offer on grid solar PV systems, off grid solar PV systems, solar lighting projects, on grid solar power PV systems, building integrated photovoltaic systems, etc. We utilize high quality solar modules, inverters, controllers and storage batteries in the building of solar photovoltaic systems and all of our solar photovoltaic systems are designed according to environmental requirement, load requirement, network access way, and other factors.

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System integration and consultancy for Solar Power Project


Zodiac Energy engaged in Solar System Integration, Establishing Solar Infrastructure through Engineering, Procurement and Commisioning acivities. ZEPL provides a variety of solutions to implement small and large-scale solar projects. Our expertise includes:

    • Planning
      • Feasibility study and project report
      • Energy yield estimation
      • Site identification, selection and land acquisition
      • Infrastructure development
      • Project analysis
      • Financing assistance
      • Liaisoning & clearances with state and central agencies for subsidies and tariffs
    • Implementation
      • Module and equipment selection
      • Procurement and logistics
      • System design
      • BOM finalization
      • Engineering
    • Erection
      • Equipment supply
      • Assembly of Support frame, Mounting of Modules, Cabling, Assembly of Inverters, Power Substation, and grid-Connectivity.
      • Commissioning of the system
      • Testing – during installation and after commissioning.
      • Power evacuation.
    • Finalizing of Project
      • Project management
      • Technical and user documents
      • Performance monitoring


Diesel and Gas Gensets

Zodiac Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a company that designs and delivers solutions in the field of energy. Established in May 1992, the company started its business as authorized Genset O.E.M. of Ms. Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited. Since then it has supplied and installed numerous prime and standby duty captive power plants in various parts of INDIA.

What we Offer:

  • We deal in diesel generator sets from manufacturers such as KIRLOSKAR, CUMMINS, CATERPILLAR, PERKINS & MTU. We provide diesel gensets with a power rating ranging from 5KVa to 4000KVa.
  • Complete balance of plant equipments along with the installation & commissioning of Gas Generator sets manufactured by GE JENBACHER,CATERPILLAR and CUMMINS.
  • Turnkey solutions for Synchronization of Gensets as well as grid Paralleling.
  • Captive Power Plant on BOO/BOOT basis. We have successfully installed 1.365 MW Gas based Captive Power plant at AMUL Dairy Anand on BOOT basis.
  • Co-generation systems like Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Hot water Generators and Vapor Absorption Refrigeration (VAM) system on Captive Power plants.
  • Turnkey solutions in setting up bio-gas plants from agricultural wastes, animal wastes and Municipal solid waste.
  • Fast and efficient service through a team of well-trained engineers.
  • Complete installation and subsequent back up services.
  • Stocking of spares

With our technology leadership, international acquaintance and local expertise, we offer products, systems, solutions and services that allow our customers to improve their operations – whether they need to increase the reliability of a power grid or raise productivity in a factory. Our services are devoted to the requirements of our customers which are tailored to support the entire energy management of their plants. Our maintenance experts are always ready for maintaining the plant reliability and enhancing performance of the plant. Today, through all these efforts of maintaining high quality and service standards, Zodiac Energy Pvt. Ltd. has become a trusted and reliable name in the field of captive power plant.

Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning (EPC) of Captive – Co-generation Power Plants

We provide solutions for power plants, captive co-generation & utilities in a proficient manner. Offered at market leading prices, these are also available to clients as per their specific requirements and in compliance with defined industry standards. Apart from ensuring complete safety, we also ensure that the installed plants are eco-friendly.

The highly efficient combined heat and power systems (CHP) deployed by Zodiac Energy, also called cogeneration systems, can reduce your carbon emissions by nearly half.


The Process

Cogeneration or CHP (combined heat and power) is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat using a single fuel such as biogas, natural gas, coal, waste gas, biomass, liquid fuels and renewable gases. The heat produced from the electricity generating process (for example from the exhaust systems of a gas turbine) is captured and utilized to produce high and low level steam. The steam can be used as a heat source for both industrial and domestic purposes and can be used in steam turbines to generate additional electricity.

To meet our client’s requirements, we offer cogeneration with the following equipment:

  • Waste Heat recovery Boiler (WHRB)
  • Hot Water Generator (HWG)
  • Vapor Absorption Machine (VAM)

Demystifying Cogeneration

Cogeneration is a highly efficient form of energy conversion and it can achieve primary energy savings of approximately 40% as compared to the separate purchase of electricity from the national electricity grid and a gas boiler for onsite heating. Combined heat and power plants are typically embedded close to the end user and therefore help reduce transportation and distribution losses, improving the overall performance of the electricity transmission and distribution networks. For power users where security of supply is an important factor for their selection of power production equipment and gas is abundant; gas-based cogeneration systems are ideally suited as captive power plants.



Benefits of Gas Engine CHP

  • On site production of power.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Reduction in emissions compared to conventional electrical generators and onsite boilers.
  • Improved productivity as well as reduced costs of production through reliable and uninterrupted availability of quality power from cogeneration plant.
  • Improved energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, hence supporting sustainable development initiatives.
  • The system collects carbon credits which can be traded to earn revenue.
  • Increased water consumption & reduction in water costs.
  • 15 to 40% energy savings when compared with the separate production of electricity and heat.
  • Reduces investments into electricity transmission capacity; avoids transmission losses; ensures security of high quality power supply.



We deliver solutions right from the concept to commissioning of power plants.

  • Planning
    • Feasibility Study and Project Report
    • Energy Yield Estimation
    • Site Identification, Selection and land Acquisition
    • Infrastructure Development
    • Project Analysis
    • Financing Assistance
    • Liasioning & Clearances with State and Central Agencies
  • Implementation
    • Engineering
    • System design
    • BOM finalization
    • Equipment selection
    • Procurement and logistics
  • Erection
    • Equipment supply
    • Assembly of Machineries and Piping
    • Commissioning
    • Testing – During Installation and Commissioning
    • Power Evacuation.
  • Finalizing of Project
    • Project management
    • Technical and user documents
    • Performance monitoring

Notes :

  1. 5 year Maintenance contract

  2. Complete generation monitoring system to verify the units being generated.

  3. Complete system implementation on site.