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Project Details

The project envisages R&D for solar steam generation through indigenously developed parabolic trough technology, conceptualised and developed by Zodiac Energy Pvt. Ltd. The project also involves demonstration for generation of 1.0 ton per hour solar steam using this indigenously developed technology for solar parabolic trough.

Technology developed by Zodiac Energy

Zodiac Energy has developed parabolic trough based module which concentrate the rays of Sun on a pipe kept on focal point of the parabolic reflector surfaces. Though, the parabolic trough technology is well proven and time tested technology, Zodiac Energy has added unique features in to it. Conventionally the receiver tubes are mounted on parabolic troughs and they rotate along with parabolic trough as per Sun’s travel from east to west, due to which they must be flexible to move and joined by flexible joints while leaving the troughs. This phenomenon results in to breakage of receiver tubes at high temperatures. Zodiac Energy have cracked this problem by keeping the receiver tubes as pivot and the parabolic troughs rotates around receiver tubes keeping the receiver tubes stationary.

Zodiac Energy has also developed Direct Steam Generation (DSG) application to produce the medium pressure steam directly by circulating the water in closed loop in receiver tubes. This avoids the heat transfer fluid circuit and problems related to it.

The crucial components in solar parabolic trough technology are;
  1. Solar Tracker unit & PLC based control system
  2. Reflective Mirrors / Reflective surface
  3. Solar receiver tubes

Zodiac Energy has developed the Solar tracker unit & PLC based control system in-house and successfully deployed it for demonstration.


Solar Parabolic Trough